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Are you moving in or out of Bel Pre Estates?

While we like all of our neighbors the stability we have, we realize there are times when people have to move. When a move comes up, we're often asked how to handle this with regard to the HOA and its Covenants.

A homeowner moving out of the neighborhood is required by law to provide the Association's official documents to the purchaser of the property. That's because the purchaser of the property is bound by the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and the By-Laws of the Homeowners Association. The documents that must be provided include ALL documents on the Association's Legal Documents page.

You may download and print out all of these files, and give them to the buyer or buyer's agent (or your agent to give to them), OR, you may purchase these documents from the Association for a $10 fee which defrays copying costs. (To purchase copies, contact the HOA President listed on the Officer's Page).

Second, you must instruct the company handling settlement to contact the HOA President to confirm your HOA fee status (also required by law). If you have paid your HOA fee for the year, you will receive a pro-rata credit on your HUD-1 (settlement sheet) and the new owner will be charged the same amount. Please instruct the settlement company to send a copy of the HUD-1 (settlement sheet) to the President of Bel Pre Estates HOA so that the HOA fee exchange can be validated, per county law and HOA Covenants.

If you, your agent, settlement company, title company, or others have any questions, please contact the President of the HOA via phone, mail, or email. Contact information is on the Officer's Page

Once a buyer has scheduled a moving date, the buyer should inform the HOA President of the moving date, so the President may inform the neighbors and help to reduce any disruption in the community.

When the buyer has moved in and arranged phone and e-mail service, the buyer should contact the HOA President to provide this information, and get added to the HOA e-mail distribution list. (Note: e-mail is the primary means of ongoing communication of HOA business with residents.)